Rome Panoramic Tour

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General Information

Rome - Panoramic View Point - Tour Summary

Type: Breathtaking views of Rome from the highest hills of Rome

Length: 5 hours. Available from 8am to 6pm

Languages: English

This tour is to see unforgivable views of Rome, here you can take the best panoramic photos that you could ever imagined. Wonderfull and romantic places to see a view of Rome that you can't expect.

#1 Pincian Hill

The Pincian Hill is a hill in the northeast quadrant of the historical center of Rome. The hill lies to the north of the Quirinal, overlooking the Campus Martius It was outside the original boundaries of the ancient city of Rome, and was not one of the Seven hills of Rome, but it lies within the wall built by Roman Emperor Aurelian between 270 and 273.

#2 Janiculum

The Janiculum (/dʒəˈnɪkjᵿləm/; Italian: Gianicolo, pronounced [dʒaˈniːkolo]) is a hill in western Rome, Italy. Although the second-tallest hill (the tallest being Monte Mario) in the contemporary city of Rome, the Janiculum does not figure among the proverbial Seven Hills of Rome, being west of the Tiber and outside the boundaries of the ancient city..

#3 Zodiaco (Monte Mario) "Vialetto degli Innamorati"

Monte Mario is the highest hill of Rome, the Zodiac is less known viewpoint, more famous for the young Italian couple, that used to promise their love in front of a breathtaking view of Rome, the little street that leads to the viewpoint is called "Vialetto Degli Innamorati": Lover's Lane.

#4 Giardino degli Aranci (Orange Garden)- Aventino

It is open to the public from 7 to 18 , but if you arrive late, do not worry! When arrived in Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, before Villa of the Priory, you can enjoy a an exciting perspective view of the St Peter through the keyhole of this huge gates !

The Orange Garden (Italian: Giardino degli Aranci) is the name used in Rome to describe the Savello park (Parco Savello). It is about 7,800 square meters and is located on the Aventine Hill. The park offers an excellent view of the city. The garden, as it is today, was designed in 1932 by Raffaele De Vico. It was constructed to offer public access to the view from the side of the hill, creating a new "belvedere", to be added to the existing viewpoints in Rome from the Pincian Hill and the Janiculum.

#5 Altare Della Patria Panoramic Elevators

The base of the structure houses the museum of Italian Unification. In 2007, a panoramic elevator was added to the structure, allowing visitors to ride up to the roof for 360 degree views of Rome

The Altare della Patria ("Altar of the Fatherland"), also known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II or Il Vittoriano, is a monument built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy, located in Rome, Italy. It occupies a site between the Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill.

#6 Via Niccolò Piccolomini

Via Niccolò Piccolominiis a waycloseto the Via Aurelia Antica , The way ends with panoramic view of the city with San Pietro in the middle. Walking along the way, in the direction of St Peter, you can experience a unique optical illusion: you will have the feeling that the basilica shrinks; going in the opposite direction moving away from St Peter, it will seems that the dome becomes the bigger.