Angels and Demon Tour

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Angels And Demon Tour - The Path of Illumination - Tour Summary

Type: Live the experience of the masterpiece "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown, follow the path of the Illumination

Length: 8 hours

Languages: English

Did you know that all the streets, monuments and churches cited in the book are real place? This tour will let you live the feelings that you had while reading the book!

#1 Pantheon

“From Santi’s earthly tomb with demon’s hole”

Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD). The present building was completed by the emperor Hadrian and probably dedicated about 126 AD.

#2 - First Altar of Science: Church of Santa Maria del Popolo

"The Church of Santa Maria del Popolo stood out like a misplaced battleship"

The Chigi Chapel is described in the book as the first "Altar Of Science". The Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo is an Augustinian church in Rome, Italy. It stands on the north side of Piazza del Popolo, one of the most famous squares in the city

The church contains works by several famous artists, such as Raphael, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Caravaggio, Alessandro Algardi, Pinturicchio, Andrea Bregno, Guillaume de Marcillat and Donato Bramante.

#3 - Second Altar of Science: Saint Peter’s Square

“Crossing the open expanse of St.Peter’s square he sensed Bernini’s sprawling piazza having the exact effect the artist had been commissioned to create – that of humbling all those who entered.”

St. Peter's Square is a large plaza located directly in front of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, the papal enclave inside Rome, directly west of the neighbourhood or rione of Borgo.

#4 - Third Altar of Science: Santa Maria della Vittoria - Ecstasy of St. Teresa

“..a woman inflamed by passion’s fire..”

Santa Maria della Vittoria (English: Our Lady of Victory, Latin: S. Mariae de Victoria) is a Roman Catholic titular church dedicated to the Virgin Mary located in Rome, Italy. The church is known for the masterpiece of Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the Cornaro Chapel, the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

#5 Fourth Altar of Science: Fountain of Four Rivers, Piazza Navona

"A flawless tribute to water, Bernini’s fountain glorified the four major rivers, one of his most celebrated sculptures. Everyone who came to Rome went to see it"

One of the most famous monument of the city. Our driver will bring you exactly in front of the fountain, also when the streets are full of tourists, you will feel like a vip.

#6 The Illuminati Lair: Castel St. Angelo and Il Passetto

The Passetto di Borgo, or simply Passetto, is an elevated passage that links the Vatican City with the Castel Sant'Angelo. It is an approximately 800 metres (2,600 ft) long corridor, located in the rione of Borgo. It was erected in 1277 by Pope Nicholas III, but parts of the wall were built by Totila during the Gothic War. On several occasions it served as an escape route for Popes in danger.

#7 Final Stop: Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel (/ˌsɪstiːn ˈtʃæpəl/; Latin: Sacellum Sixtinum; Italian: Cappella Sistina [kapˈpɛlla siˈstiːna]) is a chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope, in Vatican City. Originally known as the Cappella Magna, the chapel takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV, who restored it between 1477 and 1480